Le silence a régné dans la cour du château en 2020 en raison des contraintes sanitaires.
Espérons que la fête de Mézerville aura lieu en 2021 et que l’Association NAMUKA pourra nous proposer un spectacle !

Two construction machines from the medieval period

Collective memory has kept in mind the war machines of the Middle Age, such as catapults, birdtraps…etc; numerous reconstructions have been carried out in France and abroad. On the other hand, civil construction machines have been forgotten except for two or three hoisting winches still remaining in some cathedrals, and a few illustrations in Diderot’s Encyclopaedia.

A lot of authors have expressed their varying views on lifting machines in books concerning the construction of cathedrals… Except for reproductions of illuminated manuscripts and some diagrams, there is nothing in history on this subject! However, between Vitruvius in Roman times and Violet-Leduc in the middle of the 19th century nothing changed in those techniques. Almost the same equipment was used in Rome and for the construction of the Canal du Midi!

Passionate about the history of techniques, after a lot of bibliographical research, I built with the help of Mr. Lété (Limoux) and of Mr. Panont (Castelnaudary) a revolving crane and a pile-driver.

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