Le silence a régné dans la cour du château en 2020 en raison des contraintes sanitaires.
Espérons que la fête de Mézerville aura lieu en 2021 et que l’Association NAMUKA pourra nous proposer un spectacle !

Howard Gregory tells us

Mezerville, 1973-1978

We bought what was left of the Mezerville castle in 1973, and spent the next five years working on the main structural components. The previous owners, two spinister sisters by the name of "de Mondini," were left impoverished by their parents who apparently squandered the family fortune in the gaming palaces of Toulouse and Monte Carlo, according to trunks of "papiers bleus" found in the attic. So no maintenence had been done on the castle for many years. The components of the roof were now in the cellar and trees were starting to grow up through piles of broken tiles from the roof and the floors, along with rotten timbers jutting up through the jumble. We rented a crane and shoveled the debris into the bucket of the crane, lifted the bucket up over the outside wall and dumped it into a waiting truck bed. After cleaning out the cellar, were able to find a timber framer who could rebuild the structural components of each of the floors and roof.
The other main challenge was the walls, which had started to cave in. The first problem we discovered was finding stone masons who were not afraid to work rebuilding the walls where needed. However, before they could work on the outside walls, it was necessary to create a reinforced concrete belt around the inside walls where structural weakness was evident. Working from the ground up, the timber framers could then recreate each floor, starting from the basement, all the way to the roof, each floor and the roof being supported by the floor beneath them. Once the reinforced concrete belt was in place, it was then possible to begin rebuilding architectural features such as the bartizan (a small overhanging turret overhanging a wall or tower) used for defensive purposes, which we had rebuilt as a latrine at the junction of the north and east walls. There was so much more work especially rebuilding the square tower and south wall of that wing. We then had to recreate the wall next to the road coming into the village, along with the gated entrance way adjacent to the church.

Saving the ruins

Howard Gregory's album 1975

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