Le silence a régné dans la cour du château en 2020 en raison des contraintes sanitaires.
Espérons que la fête de Mézerville aura lieu en 2021 et que l’Association NAMUKA pourra nous proposer un spectacle !



The nonagon tracing (9 sides, 9 angles at the centre 40°) comes down to making the angle trisection centered at 120°, this angle is achieved by making an inscribed equilateral triangle with only the use of a ruler and a compass.

  • Create a circle centered at O, of radius OX, with an angle OÂB = 120° (AB being one of the inscribed equilateral triangle sides)
  • Create an arc of circle of radius XY centered at X
  • Create an arc of circle of radius YX centered at Y

    These arcs intersect at I

  • Draw IA and IB that intersect the diameter XY
    at C and D
  • From C on any straight line trace with the compass three equal segments CE = EF = FG
  • Join GD and trace the parallels (with the ruler and compass), FH and EK that intersect XY at K and H.
  • Draw IK and IH that intersect XY at K and H
  • Draw IK and IH that intersect the circle at L and M
  • The arcs AL, LM, MB are equals with angles centered at 40°

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