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Historical geometrical curiosities


“Roulette de charron”: Wheelwright's scroll wheel

Also called “ Guage ”.
Wheel in poplar, strap/ handle in ash
Diameter: 16.5 cm
Assembly with lug bolts
Thanks to engraved mark, the traveller wheelwright measures the wheels’ circumference for the making of the iron tyres.



We found in the castle stables two wheels of a wooden cart whose circumference was divided into 7 sections – which prove that the craftsman had a method to trace the heptagon, known for not being feasible with a ruler and a compass.

Medieval literature is full of propositions to trace the angle trisection and the heptagon. But it was the mathematician Gauss (1777-1855) who demonstrated that some regular polygons can not be exactly made with the ruler and the compass. This is the case for the heptagon and the nonagon.

We propose two methods to trace approximately the heptagon and the nonagon (9 sides) that were used by the Compagnonnage. (medieval guilds of craftsmen) -with a digression on the Golden Number that interested our ancestors greatly.

First page: drawing the heptagon

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