Summer 2010 : A new show during Mezerville Party !
The Mzerville Castle Cultural Association is happy to introduce :
L'opérette est dans le pré!
Sunday, August 22 at 18:00 in the courtyard of Castle :
Join us to ensure its success !

We discovered in Costa Rica a great family which bears the name of Mézerville. It originates in the emigration on the XIXe century of a young woman, "Amélie Coupé", probably resulting from Mézerville and perhaps from the Castle, without having a formal proof of this.

We have established with them a very cordial contact for a few years and the traditional meeting of family has been held in Mézerville on June 3rd, 2006. All the participants came at the castle to share a meal and celebrate a mass on this French and Spanish occasion with in particular a music composed by Gaston de Mézerville.



Cordial and animated meeting


Recital of French and Spanish songs

Animated meal


Presentation of the guests, exchanges gifts


Gaston de Mzerville recites a poem of T.Botrel



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