Summer 2010 : A new show during Mezerville Party !
The Mzerville Castle Cultural Association is happy to introduce :
L'opérette est dans le pré!
Sunday, August 22 at 18:00 in the courtyard of Castle :
Join us to ensure its success !

The Company Casta Diva introduced on August 15, 2007, in the courtyard of the castle Mezerville:

Vox Populi

Lopra sidrant summer 2007

photo spectacle

With the Lyric Sisters :
Belinda Kunz and Anne-Lou Bissières

and Marie Duisit in the role of facilitator

Choreography and direction: Claudine Allegra
With the participation of collective 15/18
Arrangements: JD Burroni, of the Paris Opera
Design Marie Duisit An idea of Belinda Kunz

Excerpts from famous operas
For a show original,
Entertaining and general public

Opéra sidérant
Sidérantes Sidérantes Lyric Sisters, a mixture of Barbarella and Britney Spears, they play as much as the seduction of provocation and gave a very personal interpretation of the traditional repertoire opera: duets, arias excerpts from Lakmé, Carmen, the Marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute, La Traviata, La Belle Hélène are revisited with impertinence and imagination.
The risk lyricomanes few surprises!
As for refractory to opera - yes, there are some! - They will be subjugated, that's for sure!

Vox populi is a way to say that the floor will be given widely to the public. We will ask him his opinion on opera, questioning his tastes, ask him a few questions of style question for a champion "and especially to sing in chorus.

Casta Diva Under the direction of Jean-Dominique Burroni, Conducting at the Paris Opera, the company Casta Diva created last fifteen years a dozen shows around the voice and lyrical and jazz-with the theme " idea that the opera and classical music can appeal to a broad audience, while satisfying the most demanding music lovers.

Shows and interventions sung and danced
Phone : 06 20 71 04 00

The show was then presented to Quillan on August 17, 2007

There were crowds at Mézerville….
To discover the magic of the Opera

La foule  Mzerville

From the air, on the air
And it flies!
Benjamin, 12 years

Photo spectacle

First, a late summer,
And a setting sun, for example, a wind autan,
But not too much, just a breath!

Take the inhabitants of a village,
Call those in the surrounding area,
Gather them in their medieval castle,
Or any other place provided it is loaded with history.

Choose music eternal,
Those which were sung for generations
And live in every childhood,
Those which travelled round the full range of our emotions.

Take voices,

Fragile or conquering,

Joyfull or melancholy,
Malicieuses or tragic.

Voices which invites you to follow them,
To sing with them - in unison.

In short, call Casta Diva,
That's all

Beatrice Steiner and Jacques Demichelis
Castle Mézerville, summer 2007

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