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Annabel ROMERO: an autistic artist

Wool sculptures, modellings, paintings and drawings

The other language of Annabel

Annabel does not speak with words. She invented another language, an Art full of force and vitality which contrasts with its handicap.

She puts all possible materials at its service with an astonishing control : wool, ground, paper, colors, pencils, brushes, scissors and adhesive, all that falls to her under the hand are used with greed for an activity without slackening.

Annabel " manufactures ", builds, accumulates, binds, but can also destroy the objects which left her hands.

She animates a world of representations which are declined and are combined by the chance of her feelings.

Her imaginary guide associations without preoccupation of logic or a realism.

Composite characters result from their collusion with the object which characterizes them in her eyes.

The world of Annabel is inhabited by the glance : it contaminates the objects. The car, television look at the spectator. Then the spectator becomes car or television.


And when Annabel carves while knitting, she takes care to leave with the eyes their opening as well as the mouth.

It is by intermediate of this so personal world of representations that Annabel wakes up in us  multiple echoes.

The different language of Annabel speaks with images similar to those which surprise us when we dream.

Annabel In Paris

In 2001, wool sculptures of Annabel were exposed with others modellings of participants of "clay workshop" of Jacqueline Savy.

To this occasion, one sculpture of Annabel entered the ABCD collection.

Annabel at the clay workshop

In 1997, I accomodated Annabel at the workshop of plastic expression called "clay". Very quickly, with much of sensitivity, she discovers the richnesses and possibilities that offers this matter. With a block of clay, Annabel carves and model at the same time. From this block, she removes the matter to concretize an object. Of this withdrawn matter, she constitutes another object, often complementary.

Annabel also works the phenomenon of appearance and disappearance by formatting an object, then by immersing it.

In her process of creation, she can be present, sensitive to what happens around her.

During this meeting of a few shared years, my place was to accomodate, to accompany and to support with conscience her step of creation.

To be autistic

Very early, generally before three years, the parents are alarmed : something " does not go " : they do not find the contact with their child. Sometimes the baby is too quiet and remains indifferent to all that requests it.

Sometimes, on the contrary, it reacts too violently to what it perceives : the noises in particular, but also the physical contact, can start disordered tears and movements, it feels like attacked.

Insensitive with the word and the marks of affection, this child with the wandering glance seems invaded by a "pain of being" inconsolable by others.

This essential disorder of the communication makes obstacle with the first trainings and the acquisition of the spoken language.

It thus results in a social handicap, but does not summarize there. Because the child can find in certain repetitive activities a mode of appeasing and even develop capacities beyond the standard, carrying out true exploits sometimes.

The discovery of genetic anomalies opened a large field of research in this field where the diverting diversity of the symptoms encountered attempts inoperatives explanations.

Text written by Beatrice Steiner, psychiatrist, and Jacqueline Savy, art-therapeutist,
who received Annabel still teenager in her workshop  a few years ago.

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