Le silence a régné dans la cour du château en 2020 en raison des contraintes sanitaires.
Espérons que la fête de Mézerville aura lieu en 2021 et que l’Association NAMUKA pourra nous proposer un spectacle !

The Mézerville's Castle Cultural Association

Jacques Demichelis senior project promoter of the restoration of the castle Mézerville and intiator of the firsts events that took place : meetings, expositions, musical shows.
We hope our action pursue the objectives that were his own: recovery of local heritage and its links with the lives of the villagers, but also sharing quality cultural activities in a spirit of friendliness and simplicity.
Thus the association, which was established on March 7, 2008, aimed to promote and undertake any cultural activity, any animation, which could take place within the castle Mézerville, in close collaboration with the village and may be extended in the cities and towns around it.
We hope you will join us to insure the success of the association. Thanks All !

The contribution for the year 2010 has been set at: 10 €.

Honorary members: Michel Brousse, Marc Tardieu
President: Béatrice Steiner
Vice-Chairmen: Anne Demichelis et Auguste Armengaud
Treasurer: Aline Armengaud
Secretary: Nadine Cathary, Secrétaire adjoint: Pascal Deltrel
Members of the Board: Eglantine Cadena, Ludovic Cathary, Josette Etienne, Georges Etienne, René Rouquet, Jacqueline Savy
Siège social: Château de Mézerville 11410 Mézerville


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