Summer 2010 : A new show during Mezerville Party !
The Mzerville Castle Cultural Association is happy to introduce :
L'opérette est dans le pré!
Sunday, August 22 at 18:00 in the courtyard of Castle :
Join us to ensure its success !

Mézerville: gastronomique stop of "la Piège"

First a good news: the foie gras is good for your health!

The 45% fat it contains are for 25g of mono-unsaturated fatty acids that promote "good cholesterol", fighting harmful cholesterol and are therefore useful in the prevention of atherosclerosis.
This is the "french paradox": in areas where traditional cooking is done with the fat goose and duck, mortality from coronary heart disease is among the lowest. And it is there that lifetime is the best.

Another good news:

The force-feeding of animals, practiced for over 4000 years, does not produce liver disease in animals. The overload induced does not alter the cells of the body that retains all its physiological properties. Besides some migratory birds instinctively using the method to withstand the winter and carry out their journey.

So follow the farmers on the " Chemins Gourmands du Canard ".

Les Chemins Gourmands du Canard:

Carte des Fermes

Between Belpech, Salles sur L'Hers and Fanjeaux...
You will pass by Mézerville, at the heart of the hills of cereal crops, in particular if this landscape so-called "small Tuscany."

By doing so, you will be involved in maintaining jobs in the villages. And because producers prefer short distribution, they also dedicate themselves to the visitors. On the occasion of this direct contact, you beautiful encounters with professionals who love their work. They will help you to discover their traditional breeding methods to ensure the well-being of animals and quality products.

For gourmets:

It is not only foie gras, confits, pies or poultry through direct sales, you can taste a variety of cheese or ice made from ewe's milk and perfumes unusual.
Without forgetting the Moungetado, the traditional dish of beans, minerals beneficial, as cassoulet enriched, in particular duck confit.

And to add conviviality, we can enjoy together each year on the Mézerville place on the occasion of the celebration of the village, which follows on Saturday August 15.

So, have a nice trip !

Ginette, Marc et Joël Tardieu
GAEC de Bérengou
11410 Mézerville
04 68 60 38 20

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